Diet For Summer Season

Diet For Summer Season

“As everyone eat light food during summer.It’s common we prefer cold drinks, Juice, Ice Creams etc, instead of tea or hot soup. Summer is the easy season to eat healthy.”

Water ( Stay Hydrated)

As most of people do,they choose cold drinks over water.That’s not good choice. So water is best,It helps to decrease unnecessary calories. Fruit juice and coconut water is also best liquid than soft drinks, especially during summer.Read More

Healthy Salads

During the summer season, eat fresh salads is great and more colorful you can do it better for health .It can prepare easily, which is healthy for your body and your time management.Read More

Include Curd and yogurt in your meal

Add some curd or yogurt in your lunch is great option, and it’s delicious taste too. Which can attract your children. Drink a glass of buttermilk and chaas (yogurt based drink) just before stepping out into the sun, helps you keep hydrated.

Don’t skip meal

It’s important to have each meal not only in summer, in every seasons. Most of people lose weight by skip the meal, but this is not healthy way to lose weight.

Don’t eat junk food in summer season

In summer having junk food increase health risks. and most important eat junk food in night can make you fell ill, because it’s heavy to digest.

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