What makes you more happy? Money or Fitness

What makes you more happy? Money or Fitness

You don’t need to empty your wallet to have an active healthy lifestyle but if you keep running after the money, one day your body will desolate and all your earned money will be relieved in paying  hospital bills 

You all must be familiar with an old famous saying i.e; “HEALTH IS WEALTH”  

If you have a healthy body, mind & brain, you can create money or whatever material comforts you would like to have, but money can’t buy you the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. 

Even according to a recent research where researchers used data from 1.2 million people regarding their physical and mental behaviour only to find out that Exercise Makes You Happier Than Earning Truckloads Of Money  

Health without further argue is the most amazing blessing a person could get. Of course, living a healthy life is not too easy as you need to always look up for your health frequently as it is the most important source of your happiness. 

To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise” and we at Energie Gym and Spa believes in the same

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