Energie Gym

Energie India offers a chain of Heath Studios and Gymnasiums which help you to lose weight, build health and endurance, improving your overall health. These activities train the heart, lungs and the cardio vascular system to process and deliver oxygen more quickly and efficiently. A wide range of equipments like Gym balls, tubings and rubber bands are available for you increase muscle or strength, reduce stress, improve sports performance or simply start to feel better. Energie India has everything you need to help you to achieve your goal!


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is very simple- “Professional commitment and Personalized attention to each and every individual who walks in”.

Make fitness a permanent part of your life for a healthy living.

Here’s what Energie can do for you.

    • We will make you feel more energetic.
    • We will make you feel less anxious and stressed.
    • We will help you to lose weight and maintain body posture.
    • We will help lower your blood cholesterol level.
    • We will help to reduce your risk of high blood pressure.
    • We may help reducing your risk of heart attack.
    • We may help reduce your risk of diabetes.
    • We will help to keep your joints and muscles in good working order.


Our Services


Personal Training
Kettel Bell
Strength Training
Group Activity
Functional Training